India Should Patent Its Style Of Democracy Before US Usurps It


India Should Patent Its Style Of Democracy Before US Usurps It

Articles / Politics   /   Mar 09, 2016


When a presidential Candidate in America in a nationally televised debate talks of the size of his penis then we should get our kind of Indian elections globally patented immediately.  

Let’s find out what is the Indian Kind of Democracy

1.     Divide society on all possible fault lines

2.     Make these fault lines your votebank

3.     Arouse all kind of emotional issues

4.     Appeal to the illogical part of people’s mind

5.     Make false promises which can never be fulfilled

6.     Use money to convert it into votes

7.     Always chose a party rather than one’s candidate

8.     Talk to the lowest denominators of the society, they are more in numbers and they are ill-equipped to ask leaders to talk their walk.

9.     Put up the most controversial candidates for election who are either rich, or criminal, or proven loud mouth or of the same color, religion, or caste or class or region which the majority in the constituency has

10.                         Harp on emotional but absolutely worthless issues with respect to governance so that entire country’s attention is diverted from real issues.

11.                        Winning is important even if requires pitching the entire society against each other

12.                        Different political beliefs of different political parties are only for elections. They know fully well that they cannot go beyond constitution, and the ground situations do not permit any experiment – political coalition or fractured mandate or inability to muster majority in both houses or sheer rowdyism – makes all political beliefs as one – political power.

India is not alone where it stands today. If winning in elections is to be achieved by dividing society, by rooting for the status quo, by being extreme nationalist, by acknowledging that the majority religion, majority race, majority colour of skin is the reason why somebody should be given vote then America is gearing for some Indian kind of elections this year. The primaries if any indication is going to throw up favorite who would enshrine everything which is so visible in Indian politics – hatred, division of society and racism.

Why is it that the saner voices in the society are never elected by the people? It is because the entrenched class does not want change; because people like Bernie Sanders are outsider and not party nominees; because democratic elections are no more about electing but selecting; because the people have abdicated their power in favour of political parties; because a vast majority of people who do not want to elect the criminal, corrupt, inept and a complete buffoon do not have an option without any option to elect who they want.

Al Gore was excluded out of his presidency by one of the most bizarre event of American election and Bush came back to US as its president. See what he has done- gave us Iraq, Gave us Syria, gave us ISIS, gave us refugees of middle east, killed almost everything he touched.

Warren Sanders is similarly placed in this election. The only sane voice at present in America, he will not be a president just because he talks against big and deeply entrenched stake holders and big money.

The bigger questions here are what you do when the Government fails to do what it is supposed to do or why did we chose a government which abjectly fails to perform its core duties or how these failure of leaders find place in our scheme of things when we have to vote in next elections.

These bigger questions need answers. And when we will get them I am sure we will get our government.


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The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi. The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi.
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