Mastizaade Is The Wrong Tree To Bark About Sex And Society


Mastizaade Is The Wrong Tree To Bark About Sex And Society

Articles / Society & Culture   /   Jan 19, 2016


Sunny Leone’s Mastizaade film trailer has already got 10 million views on the internet. And the social media, after watching the trailer, is abuzz. The discussion veers from the typical males who consider women as chattel to losing our cultural roots to pervert to prurient to collapse of the society and to the impression it will have on the susceptible minds of have-nots who may indulge in it (remember Nirbhaya) etc.


The only thing we are doing here with such a brilliant discourse is that we know the minds of the people involved in the discussion. It is definitely not going to have any impact on films and filmmakers; on the males and their libido and the society.


Every point raised is true. But there are a set of Maybes which need to be looked at before we try finding a solution to this vexing issue.


Maybe the new Media i.e. internet thrives on this kind of controversial discussion groups and the makers of the film knew that the initial traction would be derived from such controversies. I for one never knew this trailer existed but now I will definitely see it whatever my intent but on the scorecard will just be another number.


The only damage we are worried about the incidence of crime on women, the depraved society and the dignity of the women.


Maybe the society is already so depraved. (Globally sex is the hottest thing which sells);


Maybe sex on screen (whether TV, Computers or cinema) is more a safety valve than a catalyst to become a sex fiend.


Maybe the segment of society we are worried about getting depraved are actually living this way. (The major share of sex crimes comes from the same segment and this film has not yet been released)


Maybe it is the wont of the society to be depraved and wanton, it is for this reason, we have law, we have police and they keep us in check. My police Officer friend once told me that if it was made known to public that for next 12 hours there will be no law and no police - then today's society will implode in itself and finish. It is fear of this that keeps us in bounds despite 'Mastizades'.


Maybe the education and the feminist movement both are helping people to find balance in relationship and respect for women in society despite the primal urge to think incessantly of sex and cheapen women as a sex object.


Maybe in today's materialistic dog eat dog society sex is the only act left which reminds us that we are performing a human act.


Mastizade is a creature of its time. No doubt about it. If it was not it would die its own natural death. But it's time runs parallel to time of internet, PDA, loosening hold of religion parents the society on the youth of the world. If one of the finest gentry in Mumbai can sit and watch the AIB Roast in person and still laugh heartily over it then we are really in different times.


There can never be two inputs for both extreme segments of the society. If this could happen then Karl Marx would still have been on the bookshelf for ever and pregnant Sita would not have been left in the Jungle.


So let us infer that we have lived through the most barbarian periods of human evolution, that the systems for justice and punishments are in place and society is gradually and vertically becoming culturally savvy and civilized.  


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The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi. The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi.
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