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Devika Seth
Devika Seth
She studied English literature and graduated from the University of Delhi. She seeks to pursue a successful career in the field of literature. She is also a trained Odissi dancer and has debuted as a poet in ‘When Cupid Struck its Arrow.’

How are you people?

So I am back with my Pillow Fight Saga. I know I have been a little irregular of late, but can’t help it when I have too much on my plate, exams and all. I am no more the vain Sky.

Anyway, after I cracked a “healthy” joke about that fat little boy being a pillow instead of fighting with a pillow, VJ told this to him and both of them conspired against me. When I was busy in looking for a target, they came from the back and attacked me. While defending myself, I sprained my neck, which hung to the right side.

However, she was courteous enough to take me to a nearby hospital. We got an auto and all three of us (me, Riya and VJ) took off.

“This pains like hell. It feels like my neck will fall at any moment,” I said.

“Sky, you need not worry about it. Newton has ensured that gravity will certainly let you know if your neck is there or not,” said Riya.

“Boy! Here is a free advice for you. Do not move to Rajasthan in the future,” uttered VJ the lady Voldemort. “If history is rewritten according to the Rajasthan Primary Education Minister Vasudev Devnani, then forget forever that your kids will ever learn about Newton and his theory of gravity. Unfortunately, dumbness will become a hereditary trait in your future family”.

“Lady, you should definitely move to Rajasthan,” I got back at her. “Let your children wonder about ‘pushpak viman’ more than an airplane and throw the Pythagoras out and check out for their entire lives how Aryabhatta gave the world 0. I believe in ”

It is not like I am oblivious of the significant contributions India made. But what intelligence would it be to ignore other things just to promote our culture. How far would the coming generation go if they would study about pushpak viman instead of airplanes, which exists only in mythology. And dude, how can you just not teach children about gravity? This is downright outrageous. Anyway, this is not happening now, so I won’t ponder over it much.

But the breaking news is that Rahul Gandhi is back from his almost never-ending sabbatical. I thought that he will never come to display his protest against Ghar Wapsi. But guys, I am not sure if he is real Rahul Gandhi. I know I may be sounding crazy, but I’ll tell you why I think that this man is a Chinese copy:

1- He did not sleep for even a second in Parliament.

2- He actively participated in debates. In fact, left BJP without words.

3- He, for a change, talked some sense and gave burns to BJP.

Wait, now I know why India experienced so multiple earthquakes in the last week. Actually, more than one:

1- Even our dharti mata was shocked to see Rahul Gandhi like this, which is why it was trying to give that Ekta Kapoor’s serials shock expressions 3 times. “Kya, kya, kya?”

2- Or maybe, seeing people celebrating the Earth Day, it tried to shake its butt out of happiness.

3- Or maybe, earth’s shock absorbers need some serious repairing and servicing. I mean back to back so many times in two days.

I live in such a location where there is a railway halt at the back. And, I cannot tell if there is an earthquake or the train is passing. That is scary, believe me. On Sunday, at the time of the earthquake I was in the shower. When I realised, I paced up with only one thing in my head. “Dude, I so don’t wanna die naked.”

But jokes apart, the destruction in Nepal is extremely unfortunate. I request all of you to help the nation in whichever way you can. Even the littlest of contribution would count.

Peace be with them!

The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi. The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi.
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