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Devika Seth
Devika Seth
She studied English literature and graduated from the University of Delhi. She seeks to pursue a successful career in the field of literature. She is also a trained Odissi dancer and has debuted as a poet in ‘When Cupid Struck its Arrow.’

Hi guys,

I hope all of you had an amazing Holi. Mine was unexpected, but superb. So, all of you must be waiting for the most evil revenge on VJ for luring me to watch MSG. But I am still traumatized and have renounced thinking for some time until the memory of that movie completely vanishes away.

And guess what; I thought if indirectly I would bring this up in front of my boss, he would give a good scolding to her. But he instead guffawed and asked me to write a review on it. Wait, what? Oh no! Why me? But do I have a way out? When it’s the boss’ order, it’s a commandment.

“I am gonna write a complete satirical review. How about that?” I said.
“Write whatever you want to, but don’t land yourself in jail. Because these days you never know what might offend people and get banned,” reasoned Riya. Yep, I totally agree with her.

“How awesome would that be? Imagine, I go to jail for writing a burning review, then go to jail and become popular. I may write books and become a best-selling author,” I said. Yes, wouldn’t that be awesome?

“Don’t you think your mind would be too much worked up? I mean this much of thinking is out of your capacity. If you so wanna land up in jail, there are many easier ways,” uttered VJ.

And there she went. Is there any conversation complete without her interference? No! Then I asked her if thinking and writing are out of my capacity just like being good and kind to others is for her.

Well, I think these days the easiest way to go to jail is to just give a pose with even a small piece of beef in Maharashtra. Post the picture on any government site or social media and there you go. The next thing you would see is the view of the crazy little world from behind the bars.

Well, I don’t see the day far-far away when we would be banned from taking in oxygen because carbon dioxide will feel offended.

Anyway, what I feel is that living in jail is going to be a much better option than struggling to survive in the outside world, keeping in mind the union budget. Price of almost everything has increased. But look guys, how considerate the government is. It has lowered the price of:

1-  Agarbatti- So that you can pray more and more to the almighty to drag the rail of your household.

2-  Ambulance- If your prayers and offering agarbatti do not do the magic for you then behold! The government is kind enough to offer you ambulance at reasonable prices if you undergo multiple cardiac arrests.

3-  Pacemaker- In case of cardiac arrests you certainly need a pacemaker. Had it been expensive, how would you get saved and live more to endure more lashes of union budget in the future.

The government is taking good care of us. But no minister can take as good care as Devendra Fadnavis. He said in Feb that he will take care of beef traders and on March 2 he banned beef trade in Maharashtra.

I think guys that favourite pass-time of the government and the most trending word across the country should be #Ban. Am I right or am I right?

Cya people!

The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi. The views expressed here are those of the authors and doesn’t reflect the official policy of Janpratinidhi.
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